Health myths debunked: Truth behind old wives’ tales

Chicken soup is good for a cold.

Knowledge which is handed down via the ages can frequently end result in the unique nugget of real truth turning into susceptible to distortion, like a quite prolonged-winded match of Chinese whispers.

Scenario in level: Most of your human body warmth is not in fact dropped via your head, and cracking your knuckles does not trigger arthritis — but there is a truthful possibility you have been advised in any other case.

Does cranberry juice actually help with UTI infections?

Does cranberry juice in fact aid with UTI bacterial infections?Supply:Equipped

The newest overall health perception to be considered an aged wives’ tale by the health care globe is that cranberry juice can stop urinary tract bacterial infections (UTIs).

The concept was that cranberries make our urine much more acidic, generating an setting in which germs struggles to dwell. A 2010 research in the journal Archives of Inside Medication did discover that folks who utilised cranberry merchandise ended up 38 for each cent considerably less most likely to create UTIs.

Nonetheless, authorities at the UK’s Nationwide Institute for Wellness and Treatment Excellence not too long ago introduced that the proof is not powerful adequate to help the assert.

Even though cranberry juice will not do any hurt, they stated there is “no evidence” it can take away the an infection. Rather, they suggest ingesting heaps of h2o, getting painkillers and in search of guidance from a GP, who may possibly prescribe antibiotics.

With this health care revelation in thoughts, we appear into other common overall health sayings and request: Are they aged wives’ tales or is there, in reality, science driving these statements?



THE assert is stated to have its origins in Planet War II, when it was popularised by a British propaganda marketing campaign, but there is some real truth to it. Carrots are a abundant supply of beta carotene, which the human body converts into a variety of vitamin A that assists preserve great eyesight. Nonetheless, ahead of you achieve for the carrots, contemplate this:

Except if you are deficient in vitamin A, possessing much more beta carotene will not aid you see far better. This is simply because when your human body has adequate of this antioxidant, it stops changing it into vitamin A.

Apparently carrots really are good for your eyesight.

Evidently carrots truly are great for your vision.Supply:istock

MOST Human body Warmth IS Missing By means of YOUR HEAD


IN THE aged times, ahead of central heating and reverse-cycle airconditioning, folks would use a hat to mattress simply because their head was the only human body component not beneath the blankets.

Nonetheless, the concept that most of your human body warmth is dropped via your head was debunked in 2008 by a group at the College of Indiana in the US.

What is accurate is that your encounter, head and upper body truly feel temperature adjustments much more acutely than somewhere else on your human body, so if you protect them up, you do not truly feel as chilly. In real truth, warmth decline from your head is now considered to be proportional to the relaxation of your human body.

Sitting down As well Shut TO THE Television set IS Negative FOR YOUR EYES


IN 1967, US tv producers Standard Electrical warned clients that some of their Television set sets ended up emitting dangerous X-rays and advised youngsters to hold a risk-free length, ensuing in the typical perception that sitting down as well shut to the box would harm your vision.

Nonetheless, subsequent TVs ended up constructed with less rays, and these days, Liquid crystal display and plasma screens incorporate none.

Sitting close to a TV shouldn’t cause any damage to your eyes, experts say.

Sitting down shut to a Television set should not trigger any harm to your eyes, authorities say.Supply:Getty Pictures

You can nonetheless pressure your eyes if you stare at a display for as well prolonged, but the exact same can be stated of anything at all that demands concentrating up shut, these kinds of as reading through a guide or staring at a pill.

Dr Lee Duffner of the American Academy of Ophthalmology is not anxious, keeping that seeing Television set screens shut-up or in any other case “won’t trigger any bodily harm to your eyes”.



THIS stating was most likely developed to quit someone’s frustrating behavior, but there is no proof that cracking your knuckles final results in arthritis. So say authorities at Harvard Health-related University in the US, who reviewed scientific studies evaluating costs of arthritis amid these who do and do not do it. The seem happens when fuel bubbles type in the fluids amongst your joints and are introduced by a unexpected motion.

It is not considered to be dangerous and does not indicate you have a purposeful concern with your knuckles — or any other joint that can make the seem.

Cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis. Picture: ThinkStock

Cracking your knuckles does not trigger arthritis. Photo: ThinkStockSupply:Information Restricted

Getting Chilly Offers YOU A Chilly


YOUR mothers and fathers most likely utilised this stating to persuade you to use a coat as a little one, but it turns out that residing in the Arctic can make you no much more most likely to capture a chill than residing in Australia. In reality, the chilly may possibly encourage the immune method, scientific studies display.

The fantasy most likely stems from a time when fevers could not be handled, so temperatures ended up utilised by way of rationalization. Nonetheless, there is a correlation amongst chilly climate and colds, in accordance to analysis revealed in the journal Essential Treatment. If your body’s main temperature will get as well lower, you can finish up with hypothermia, which lowers your immunity and make you much more vulnerable to viruses. So the chilly can indirectly direct to a chilly, but it does not trigger it.

GUM Will take 7 Several years TO DIGEST


THIS was an additional 1 popularised by mothers and fathers, but is it accurate? Most of the elements in chewing gum — sugar, flavourings, mint oils — are very easily digestible.

The gum foundation is reasonably resistant to your stomach’s acid and digestive enzymes, but in accordance to US-based mostly paediatric gastroenterologist David Milov, that does not indicate it sticks close to in your belly for 7 many years. It normally can make its way down the digestive tract, except if you have swallowed a huge volume — in which scenario, see a medical doctor.

Chicken soup is good for a cold.

Rooster soup is great for a chilly.Supply:Equipped

Rooster SOUP CAN Treatment A Chilly


Rooster soup — which is frequently named ‘Jewish penicillin’ — is typically eaten by chilly and flu victims, and has been praised by Jewish students for its overall health-restoring capability for generations.

And there is some real truth to it. The broth of different veggies and hen bones is cooked for several hours, which triggers the launch of overall health-boosting minerals zinc, calcium and magnesium into the liquid.

Health-related authorities have different theories as to how the soup in fact relieves chilly signs and symptoms, like its warmth supporting to obvious a blocked nose its zinc material supporting to shorten the period of a chilly the scorching h2o trying to keep you hydrated and the soup’s anti-inflammatory qualities supporting to ease signs and symptoms. So, although it is not a remedy as these kinds of, it can undoubtedly aid to make you truly feel far better.

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